DranFlex MicroFlex

Model Range Amplitude Accuracy +/- Phase Accuracy +/- Frequency Range Maximum Conductor Size Rated Voltage Connector/Output
(3 Ranges)
0.3A to 3A
3A to 30A
30A to 300A
1%rdg+/-0.1A 1%rdg+/-0.1A 1%rdg+/-0.1A

25Hz to 70kHz 2.00 in
2.75 in
4.00 in
1000VMAX Dranetz 1.5V
Note: These are guidelines only. Many other factors will influence the stated accuracy of DranFlex MicroFlex Probes, including but not limited to; temperature, humidity, frequency and conductor position. Model numbers and specifications subject to change without notice. The current probes shown above have a 1.5V output, Dranetz Hypertronics connector, 3 meter cable ( 2 meters from probe head to Integrator box,1 meter to instrument) and are directly compatible with the following Dranetz products:
Portable Power Quality Analyzers: Dranetz HDPQ family, PowerXplorer, PowerGuide, PowerVisa, PowerGuia, Energy Platform, PP4300, 658 with CA4300 adapter.
Permanent Power Quality Monitors: Encore 61000 with 61MAC module, Signature System 55XX. Adapters are available for use with other instrument configurations.
Please contact the factory for details.
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