We not only have the most current and thorough book to educate the latest generation about Power Quality Analysis, but we also produce the most superior products for putting what you’ve learned into practical usage.

“Sag or Dip” “Swell, spike or Surge” “Flicker and Harmonics” we’ll have you solving these kinds of electrical problems like an expert!

  • Quickly Troubleshoot At Any Location

When a fault or other power quality anomaly occurs, Dranetz portable products allow you to quickly troubleshoot at any location, upstream and downstream

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  • Dranetz Permanent Systems Enable Continuous Monitoring, Data Collection, Analysis, Reporting and Answers

That’s right — Answer Modules help you analyze and understand – FAST!

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  • Find the Right Tool for the Job

Dranetz portable instruments are rugged, easy to use, with a touchscreen interface and quick-read on-screen diagnostics.

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  • Learn From the World Authority on Power Quality Analysis

We’ve been providing guidance and helping write the standards for over 50 years.

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Dranetz really is the BEST name in the Power Quality Monitoring industry!

Optimal power quality results in increased mission-critical uptime, cost savings, equipment efficiency and overall facility reliability. Further, power quality data is an absolute necessity when something goes wrong and the source of the problem must be investigated, whether upstream or downstream of the issue. When a fault or other anomaly occurs, Dranetz portable products allow you to quickly troubleshoot at any location, and our permanent systems enable continuous monitoring, data collection, analysis, reporting and more. We are the only major manufacturer who provides both handheld power quality monitoring instruments, as well as permanent installations with remote data monitoring (Encore). Our customers have told us our products provide them with:

  • Diagnosis of problems before they translate into overall failures
  • The most comprehensive feature set of any product offered
  • Interpretive tools and reports to help find the problem
  • The most elegant Windows-based software in the industry
  • Ease of use — Touchscreens and intuitive software interfaces
  • Scalable solutions to fit their budget

Proudly manufactured in the USA, Dranetz products allow you to capture and analyze your data, and our Answer Modules help you solve your power quality problems. As detailed as you want, Dranetz simplifies the troubleshooting with our portable products & services. Further, Dranetz can help you proactively manage your power infrastructure and increase reliability, with permanent installed systems and the best power quality software on the market.

Our product selection is scalable to meet your needs, for a range of budgets, and a range of installation requirements.