Everyone needs to save energy today so let Dranetz help. Dranetz provides the monitoring tools to know where, when and how much energy is being used so you can make intelligent choices when implementing your energy management program.

  • Monitor and Record Energy Usage

Energy cost allocation and knowing electricity usage of various processes, facilities, users, etc is important to many of our customers. Dranetz energy monitoring tools allow you to easily record your KW and KWh to estimate costs at any monitoring location.

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  • Data Driven Energy Reduction.

Energy reduction programs require both a before and after picture of electricity usage to not only identify areas for savings but to verify the return on investment. Dranetz products provide a costs effective means of proving ROI.

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  • 7 x 24 Web Based Energy Monitoring

Ongoing and continuous energy management is essential to not only seeing your usage but making sure energy reduction measures are working and continue to maintain their effectiveness. Dranetz line of fixed, 7×24 energy monitoring systems continually monitor your electrical usage in a an easy to use web environment.

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  • Distributed Generation and Demand Response Affects Operations and the Bottom Line

Monitoring measures the impact and clarifies the benefits.

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Data center power infrastructure is a complex array of electromechanical devices such as Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS’s), standby generators, transfer switches, PDU’s and other such equipment. Businesses invest heavily to ensure clean, reliable power is delivered efficiently to the IT/server loads at the lowest possible cost. Such systems are complex and even the best designs require periodic maintenance and certainly must be monitored for power quality anomalies. And even these back-up systems can fail.

The primary responsibility of a Data Center or IT Manager is to ensure the data center/computing facility/backbone is always online and producing revenue. At the same time, there are many other metrics that contribute to the overall picture of Data Center success: operational efficiency, economical energy usage, peak load usage and cost offsets” yet not at the risk of reliability/uptime. Maintaining that balance, and knowing where the tipping point is, can be difficult without appropriate monitoring and metrics.

Electricity costs can represent one of the largest lines in a data centers operating budget. Monitoring energy usage and efficiency will reveal how, where and when energy is used. Cutting-edge industry metrics such as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) help to benchmark your facility’s power usage. PUE enables comparison of the total IT electricity usage to consumption of the overall facility, and should be a key metric in a modern energy monitoring approach.

Power quality monitoring can work separately or in tandem with any energy monitoring scenario to help data center managers keep their eye on the ball and make sure they maintain the mission of providing clean, reliable power to the IT/server loads. In the end, improving energy efficiencies and reducing operating costs CANNOT sacrifice reliability. Continual PQ monitoring provides the ability to monitor the health of your power system proactively, identifying abnormal situations such as sags (dips), swells (surges), transients and harmonics. These situations (aka dirty words) can damage your IT systems causing downtime and failures, or shorten the lifespan of expensive equipment.

Dranetz products can provide instruments for intelligent monitoring of energy usage and power quality of Data Center systems. Armed with the detailed data necessary for analysis, you’ll know where the line is between reliability and efficiency. Metrics such as PUE help identify energy usage of the IT function, within the total usage at the facility. PQ monitoring helps identify the likelihood of a future failure, and the origin of the weakness. Downtime is reduced by knowing the source of failures should they occur. All in all, Dranetz is the last word in power quality monitoring, test and measurement.