Panel Mounted Energy Meters

AM1000     AM3000

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  • Direct measurement up to 690V, CATIII
  • Measures: V, I, W (P), VA (S), VAR (Q), PF, Demand, Energy, process parameters & much more
  • Color display – 3.5″ or 5.0″ TFT (model dependent)
  • Web server for real time meters, setup, reporting (requires Ethernet)
  • Enhanced security: Roles Based Access Control (RBAC), https, client white list, security log
  • PQ Disturbance recorder, 1/2 cycle RMS values per IEC 61000-4-30 (model/option dependent)
  • Limit & condition monitoring with alarming
  • Harmonic analysis in accordance with IEC 61000-4-7
  • System imbalance monitoring
  • Ethernet, RS485, Modbus, Profinet, IEC 61850 (model/option dependent)
  • Standard Digital I/O. Optional Analog outputs, Relays, Digital inputs
  • Temperature monitoring (optional)
  • Fault detection (optional)
  • Compatible with DranSCADA or your own software (via Modbus & other protocols)
  • UL and CE Compliant. 3 Year Warranty
AM Series

Energy Meters

AM1000 AM3000
Panel Cutout      
96mm x 96mm x 85mm 144mm x 144mm x 65.2mm
3.5″ TFT color (320x240px) 5.0″ TFT color (800x480px)
Power Supply
Range 100-230V AC/DC
24-48V DC (optional)
110-230V AC/130-230V DC
110-200V AC/DC (optional)
24-48V DC (optional)
Consumption ≤18 VA, ≤8 W ≤30 VA, ≤13 W
Measured Values
Input channels voltage / current 3 / 3 4 / 4
Instantaneous values
Extended reactive power analysis
Imbalance analysis
Neutral current Calculated Measured / Calculated
Earth wire current (calculated)
Zero displacement UNE Calculated Measured / Calculated
Energy balance analysis
Harmonic analysis  (incl. phase angle)
Operating hour counters device / general 1 / 3
1 /  3
Monitoring functions
Visualization waveform V/I
Measurement Uncertainty
Voltage, current ±0.2% ±0.1%
Active, reactive, apparent power ±0.5% ±0.2%
Frequency ±10mHz ±10mHz
Active energy (IEC 62053-21/22) Class 1 Class 0.2S
Reactive energy (IEC 62053-24) Class 1 Class 0.5S
Data Logger (Optional, only with Ethernet)
Memory internal (≥8GB) Micro SD card (≥16GB)
Periodic + event recording
PQ Disturbance recorder (with pretrigger)
 – 1/2 cycle RMS progression V/I ≤3min. ≤3min.
 – Curve shape V/I [#cycles] 5/6 (pretrigger) +10/12 5/6 (pretrigger) +10/12
Ethernet: Modbus/TCP, web server, NTP (optional) (standard)
IEC 61850 (optional) (optional)
PROFINET IO (optional) (optional)
RS485: Modbus/RTU (optional) (optional)
Standard I/Os 1 dig. OUT ; 1 dig. IN/OUT 1 dig. IN ; 2 dig. OUT
Extension modules (optional) max. 1 module max. 4 modules