Current Software, Firmware & Updates

HDPQ Firmware Update

– v2.4.40 Updated 14-June-2022

Update Instructions
HDPQ SP Firmware Update

v2.4.31 Updated 9-Dec-2019

Update Instructions

-v1.2.3 Updated 6-May-2022 (zip file)
Important! Please closely follow the update instructions.

Update Instructions
Dran-View 7 Pro & Enterprise

– v7.9.06 Updated 19-July-2022
(Full Dran-View 7 for use with HDPQ and other products)

Dran-View XP Download v7.9.06 Updated 19-July-2022

(Dran-View XP is only for use with DranXperT)


-v4.03.03 (Latest version for PowerVisa, PowerGuia, PowerGuide, PowerXplorer, PowerXplorer-400)



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