DranFlex Power Supplies

Compatible With Dranetz Portable Power Quality Analyzers

All DranFlex Power Supplies listed here are compatible with Dranetz portable power quality analyzers: Dranetz HDPQPowerXplorer, PowerGuide, PowerVisa, PowerGuia, and the Energy Platform EP1 ; and Dranetz permanent power quality instruments: Encore 61000 and Signature 55XX Series. Dranetz recommends only Dranetz-brand power supplies be used with Dranetz power quality equipment (Not required for the Dranetz HDPQ Family).
Shown: Isolated 3-volt probe power supply with wall adapter

*ISOFLEX-MHXL and ISOFLEX-MHXL4P isolated power adapters are intended for use with an instrument’s power supply and are compatible with PX5, PX5-400, PowerGuide, PowerVisa, Energy Platform EP1, and 61STD instruments.

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