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Technical Documents


Technical Documents

Dranetz has manufactured incredibly rugged and reliable power quality and energy management instruments for nearly 50 years. As part of our commitment to our loyal customers, we maintain a library of technical and marketing documents associated with our instruments. For your convenience, these original documents are available for download should you need replacement files on hand. Please note that company branding, content and technology references were correct when these documents were published.

Dranetz HDPQ Family Data Transfer Methods – Tech Tip
Dranetz HDPQ and Encore Series 61000 Data Acquisition Techniques
– Tech Tip
Dranetz HDPQ Family VFD Output Measurements – Application Note
Investigating Blinky Lights
Dranetz HDPQ Waveshape Trigger
 – Tech Tip (PDF)
Dranetz 400Hz – Application Note (PDF)
Encore UPS Monioring
– Application Note
Revenue Accurate vs. Revenue Certified/Grade

A Systems Approach to Power Quality Monitoring

Active Filter Design and Specification for Control of Harmonics
Advances in Data Reduction Techniques
An Introduction to Electrical Power for the Non-Power Professional
An Ounce of Prevention
Another Tool for the Toolbox
Approaching with Tools
Be Prepared
Clamp-On Ground Resistance Measurement
Detecting, Identifying, and Correcting Power Quality Problems
Developing a Utility/Customer Partnership
Don’t Overlook the Obvious
Economics of Different Plant Ride-Through Improvement Solutions
Effects of Voltage Sags in Process Industry Applications
Electric Reliability Troubleshooting Guide
Electrical Harmonics: Understanding the Facts
Electrical Harmonics: Understanding the Facts, Part 1
Electrical Harmonics: Understanding the Facts, Part 2
Electrical Harmonics: Understanding the Facts, Part 3
Energy Platform EP1 White Paper
Fall of Potential Plot (worksheet)
Finding the Source of Flickering Lights
Ground Nomograph (chart)
Interpretation and Analysis of Power Quality Measurements
It Isn’t Easy Being Green
Paper Tools
Plain as the Nose on Your Face
Power Event Classification
Power Factor Correction and Electrical Harmonic Controls for DC Drive Loads
Power Quality Contracts in a Restructured Competitive Industry
Power Quality Starts at the Load
Power Quality Terms
Principles of Grounding; Ground Resistance Testing Principles
Pro-Active vs. Re-Active
PX5 and PG4400 Hints and Good Practices
Return of DISCO
Sags and Swells
Simple Rules for Solving Power Quality Mysteries
Tech Tip on Harmonic Power Flow Direction
The Big Event
The Crystal Ball of Power Quality
The Dirty Half Dozen; The Most Commonly Encountered Power Disturbances
The Inefficiency of PQ
The Need for Speed
The Power Industry Gets a Little Older
The Right Medicine
The Sign of the Sine
There’s Gold in Those Waveforms
Understanding Ground Resistance Testing & Soil Resistivity
Utilization of Web-based Power Quality Monitoring
When is Ground not a Ground?
With a Flick of My Bic
Wye, Too (not to be confused with Y2K)