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Dranetz Case Studies and Solutions

Dranetz Case Studies and Solutions

Dranetz Case Studies & Solutions

Every application of Dranetz instruments is unique, and every success is inspiring. We invite you to review our collection of case studies and see how Dranetz instruments and software solve power quality problems and provide energy management solutions for real Dranetz customers, everyday.

Power Quality

Dranetz HDPQ Family and IEEE-2014 Application Note
Dranetz 400Hz Monitoring – Aviation Customer Application Notes 
Glass Factory failure of Electronic Controls Case Study

Textile Industry Evaluation
Newly Constructed Condominium Building in Westchester County, NY
Continuous Monitoring, Data Collection, Analysis, Reporting and Answers

Utilities / Smart Grid

Automatic Distribution Fault Location Case Study
Wind Generation Power Quality & Interconnect Issues

Data Centers/IT

Data Center Commissioning Case Study
7X24 Customer Service Center
Demand Response Case Study
Data Center Uptime
Data Center Trends
Identify Abnormal Power Quality Situations & Potential Failure
Data Centers Utilize Distributed Generation to Improve Reliability and Profitability

Energy Management

2 Week Energy Survey Case Study
Comparison of Compact Fluorescent to Incandescent Bulbs
Proactive Energy and Demand Monitoring
Distributed Generation and Demand Response Affects Operations and the Bottom Line

High Reliability

7X24 Customer Service Center
Bank’s High 9s Infrastructure Saved from Disaster
Hospital’s Power Outage Problem Solved
Major Health Care Center
Utility Power Factor Capacitor Bank Switch Problem


Manufacturing Process Unexpectedly Halted
Textile Industry Evaluation
Harmonics Generated from the Source
Voltage Transients Causing Diode Failures

Facility Management

Dranetz 400Hz Aviation Application Note
Impact of Thunderstorms

Stalled Motors
Thumping Sounds In the Closet
Computer on Shared Branch Circuit
Loose Bus Bar Bolts Cause Sags
Light Flicker in an Office Complex
Harmonic Distortion of Current
Newly constructed condominium building in Westchester County, NY
Neighborhood Light Flicker
7X24 Customer Service Center
2 Week Energy Survey Case Study
Overloaded Service Case Study
Demand Response for Facility Operations
Manage Your Energy Expenses
Identify Abnormal Power Quality Situations & Potential Failure
Power Quality Problems Can be Costly; Lost Revenue, Interrupted Operations


Hospital’s Power Outage Problem Solved
Damaged Xray Equipment at Major Health Care Center
Sub-optimal Power Quality Can Cause Sensitive Medical Equipment to Fail
Reliability is Paramount
Energy Management for Healthcare Facilities
Electrical Safety Testing