METRAHIT IM Multimeters


All-in-One: Multimeter and Milliohmmeter, Insulation Measuring Instrument, Coil Tester, Data Logger

The METRAHIT IM XTRA / METRAHIT IM E-DRIVE multimeters are portable, extremely rugged instruments designed for maintenance, service and diagnosis of electric machines, drive units and systems. Applications include automotive, energy and automation applications, as well as for electromobility (IM E-DRIVE) including testing in accordance with UNECE R100 and more.

The METRAHIT IM XTRA (GREEN) and METRAHIT IM E-DRIVE (ORANGE) are the exact same meter with the same specifications. The difference is in the included accessories and the color of the protective boot.

These robust handheld multimeters offer a globally unique range of functions with a compact design. Surge tests with 1 kV within an inductance range of 10 μH to 5 H (at 100 Hz) are possible in combination with the optional COIL ADAPTER XTRA. This range corresponds to motors in accordance with DIN standards with power ratings of roughly 160 VA to 80 MVA.

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