Flexible Probes

Flexible Probes are available in three lengths 24 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inch lengths and available in two maximum ranges of 3000 A RMS and 6000 A RMS. Each probe can be powered by battery or AC adapter and multiple probes can be powered by a single AC adapter. Flex probes are available as separate probes, or as four phase packages, which include the power supply. All Flexible Probes listed here are compatible with Dranetz portable power quality  monitors: Dranetz HDPQ®, PowerXplorer, PowerGuide, PowerVisa, PowerGuia, Energy Platform, PP4300, 658 with CA4300 adapter; and Dranetz permanent power quality instruments: Encore 61000 with 61MAC module, Signature System 5513. Adapters are available for use with other instrument configurations; contact us for details. Dranetz recommends only Dranetz-brand probes be used with Dranetz power quality analyzers.


Note: These are guidelines only. Many other factors will influence the stated accuracy, including but not limited to: temperature, humidity, frequency, and conductor position.  Model numbers and specifications subject to change without notice.

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