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Dranetz Answer Modules

Answer Modules®

Save Time and Improve Accuracy When Troubleshooting

Answer Modules® are proprietary algorithms that convert raw power quality event data into precise answers to determine the source and cause of the disturbance. These unique tools enable users to save time and improve accuracy when troubleshooting power quality problems. The Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer 400,  Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer, and Dranetz HDPQ Guide include the following Answer Modules: Sag Directivity, Power Factor Correction Capacitors and Motor Quality Annunciator Panel. Answer Modules® are options for use with Encore Software, and are available for specific applications. Please review the product description for a summary of available modules.

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Answer Modules® Available for Encore Series Software:

  • Sag Directivity SW Module: SW-SAG
  • PF Cap Directivity Answer Module: SW-PFCAP
  • UPS Verification SW Module: SW-UPS

Answer Modules® Included with Dranetz HDPQ Guide, Xplorer, Xplorer 400,PX5, PX5-400, and PG4400:

  • Voltage Sag Directivity
  • Motor Quality Annunciator Panel
  • Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Answer Modules® Available Options for Encore Series Software

Sag Directivity SW Module: SW-SAG

The RMS Voltage Sag Directivity Answer Module arms you with the ability to identify and locate the problem. Voltage sags can be caused by faults on the power system or by internal events, such as the start-up of large loads. Knowing the location of the fault – either inside the facility or in the distribution network of the power supplier – is the starting point to resolving the problem and protecting your operation quickly and cost-effectively. The AnswerModule detects a voltage sag event, identifies its characteristics, and determines the direction of its location relative to the monitoring point. Located within the Encore® Series Software, the RMS Voltage Sag Directivity Answer Module enables power customers to quickly determine whether the fault occurred upstream or downstream of the monitoring point.

PF Cap Directivity Answer Module: SW-PFCAP
This Answer Module automatically identifies and points to the direction of the capacitor switching transients. The GPS-based precision time stamps in the Encore Series let you combine reports from many locations, so you can instantly track down the offending capacitor bank and develop a solution to the problem (new switching schedule, controlled switching, or changing equipment).

VAR Verifier Answer Module: SW-kVAR
(Requires SW-PFCAP – PF Cap Directivity SW Module)
Beyond traditional power quality issues such as transients, there are fundamental concerns about whether or not capacitor banks are actually energized when they are switched on. In the past, this type of information required a physical inspection of the bank. Now, with the kVAR ChangeVerifier AnswerModule, you can determine whether the bank is energized and if kVAR generated by the capacitor bank is evenly distributed across all three phases.


UPS Verification SW Module: SW-UPSV
An Uninterruptable Power Supply is a vital component in any mission critical operation, but is it truly reliable and fail-safe? A failure of any UPS is unacceptable to any company, and costly. Pro-Active monitoring using the UPS Answer Module from Dranetz can help determine the efficiency of the UPS in your facility via predictive event capture, monitoring any power quality event both at the input and the output of the UPS. The Encore® Series System provides answers to key performance questions, delivering the information you need to ensure the protection by your UPS.


Answer Modules® Included with Dranetz HDPQ Guide, Xplorer, Xplorer 400,PX5, PX5-400, and PG4400:

Voltage Sag Directivity Answer Module
The Voltage Sag Directivity Answer Module automatically identifies a voltage sag event and determines the direction of its location relative to the monitoring point.
Power Factor Correction Capacitors
Power Factor Correction Capacitors provide voltage support and correct power factor on distribution systems. While capacitor switching is common and normal, it can cause transients that disrupt machinery, adjustable speed drives and process controls.

Motor Quality Annunciator Panel
There are various electrical parameters that either adversely affect the health of an electrical motor or are an indication of the health of the motor. The Dranetz Motor Quality Annunciator Panel displays those parameters in a single color-coded screen.

Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer 400, Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer, Dranetz HDPQ Guide,PX5-400 PX5, PG4400, and Encore Software. Sag directivity, CapSwitch and Motor Quality Annunciator Panel are all included with Dranetz HDPQ Guide, Xplorer, Xplorer 400, and the PX5-400, PX5, and the PowerGuide 4400. Answer Modules® are NOT available for the Dranetz HDPQ Visa or the PowerVisa. Answer Modules® are available for Encore Software as required.

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