Dranetz Global Component Shortage Statement – June 2021

To Our Valued Customers:

As the world begins to recover from the pandemic there is a global shortage of semiconductors and other materials, such as plastics and metals. Industry analysts are predicting that the shortages will continue through the remainder of 2021 and possibly into 2022. Some predict the situation could get worse before it gets better.

Dranetz is not immune to the effects of this global component shortage, and we have been working very closely with our suppliers to minimize the impact on our deliveries. We are bringing in stock of critical materials to lessen the impact as much as possible, and to date, our deliveries have remained largely unaffected. We will continue to proactively manage the situation and do our best to meet our customers delivery expectations.

You can help us help you to meet your future delivery needs. If you are planning to purchase a Dranetz product, please let us know of any critical delivery requirements that you may have and place your order as soon as possible. We will do our best to meet your needs.

Feel free to contact your local Dranetz representative or the factory directly with any questions.

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times.

The Dranetz Management Team

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