Upgrade or Trade in your Dranetz

Dranetz products have proven their reliability year after year. As times change and technology improves, all good things must come to an end. Even our products can outlive their useful life. What doesn’t change is the industry leadership, monitoring technology, customer support and reliability of a ‘Dranetz’.

Why upgrade or trade in your Dranetz?  We offer significant discounts towards the newer version of the product that you presently own! Also, software compatibility is a concern when changing products. Depending on the age of your current product, when upgrading to a current Dranetz you may be able to continue using your existing software, or an upgraded version, making for a smooth transition. Why start over?

Our current upgrade and trade in offers are below. Don’t know which new product to choose? See our product upgrade guide to cross reference your current product to our comparable new product.

Please contact us with any questions or for information about the trade in of other products.

Dranetz HDPQ to HDPQ Plus Upgrade*
Upgrade any (original) Dranetz HDPQ model to its HDPQ Plus equivalent for $995. Includes: Applicable hardware updates, new Plus labeling, colored cables, calibration, additional 1yr warranty. Not valid for the HDPQ SP. Please contact us to order and for RMA information.

Portable Product Trade In*
Trade in your PowerVisa, PowerGuide, PowerXplorer or Power Xplorer 400 towards the purchase of an HDPQ Plus or HDPQ SP instrument or package. The Trade in value is based on the new model purchased and is deducted from the purchase price of the new instrument or package. Trade in applies to instruments only and not accessories. Please contact us to order and for RMA information for the trade in.

New Model Purchased Trade In Value
HDPQ Xplorer 400 Plus or SP $3,000
HDPQ Xplorer Plus or SP $3,000
HDPQ Guide Plus or SP $1,500
HDPQ Visa Plus or SP $750



Permanent Product Trade In*

Trade in your 5530 EPQ DataNode towards the purchase of either the equivalent HDPQ Datanode or 61000 (61STD).
Keep and reuse your existing voltage & current pods which are fully compatible with the new instruments. Purchase price below is for the new instrument only. Pods, additional modules, accessories and PQView DE software are not included. The savings below includes the cost of new pods when purchasing a new instrument. Please contact us to order and for RMA information for the trade in.

New Model Purchased Purchase Price
HDPQ-DN-MZP $2,495

($2,200+ savings!)

61STD with (2) 61MZP modules $2,995

($2,400+ savings!)



*Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Cannot be combined with any other offer
  • Offer applies only to purchases via Dranetz direct direct sales or from an authorized US representative. Not valid through US distributors
  • Offer valid for shipments within the USA only
  • Trade in value is credited when we receive the unit being returned
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