Dranetz 400Hz Monitoring – Aviation Applications

Most of the world distributes power at 50Hz or 60Hz. However, there are certain specialized applications that distribute power at other frequencies. Applications such as aviation, naval, and others distribute power at 400Hz to improve system efficiencies. A misapplication of a 50/60Hz instrument in a 400Hz application will most likely result in inaccurate measurements, inconsistent instrument behavior, and loss of time and money as a result of surveys that do not collect useful data.

Dranetz is one of the few Power Quality instrumentation manufacturers that offers products for 400Hz applications. The Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer 400, and its predecessor, the PowerXplorer PX5 400, fully functions at 400Hz, as well as the traditional 50Hz and 60Hz ranges.

Dranetz 400Hz Monitoring: Aviation Customer Application Notes – Download PDF