Dranetz Power Quality Software


Save Time and Improve Accuracy When Troubleshooting AnswerModules® are proprietary algorithms that convert raw power quality event data into precise answers to determine the source and cause of the disturbance. Read More

DRAN-View 7

DRAN-VIEW 7 software is a Windows based software package that enables power professionals to simply and quickly visualize and analyze power and energy monitoring data. Read More


Creating and modifying your Dranetz instrument setups is much easier with DranSet, where you can do it from the convenience of your PC. Only available for DranView 6.x running on PX5, PG4400 and PowerVisa. Read More

PQView® DE

PQView DE is a web based, advanced, intelligent software that is both a system controller and a user interface for your entire system. PQView DE can be used in any application, from small systems with a few instruments to very large multi-point, facility-wide or utility monitoring systems with 50 or more points. Read More


Electrotek PQView® is a software that expands the capabilities of Dranetz Encore Series and/or manage multiple monitoring systems. PQView is a database software application designed to store and analyze large quantities of power quality-related disturbance and steady-state measurement data from hundreds of monitoring points. Read More