Consider Upgrading!

If you own a legacy or discontinued product and would like to consider upgrading it, don’t throw it out (even if it doesn’t work)!! You may be eligible for incentive pricing on a trade-in, OR you may be eligible for service incentives! The listing below is the recommended upgrade path for many of our legacy products. If you have any questions or you do not see the product you own listed below, please contact us.

 Upgrade Path for Discontinued Products

Discontinued Product Current Product
Power 1000 Dranetz HDPQ
Power Platform PP-4300 Dranetz HDPQ
Power Platform PP1 Dranetz HDPQ
PP1-R Dranetz HDPQ
658 Power Quality Analyzer Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer
3030/3030A Energy Platform EP1
5546 / 5547 / 5548 / 5549 ES210, ES220, ES230
3100 PQPager 1.3.1 Encore Series 61000
7100/7100S Encore Series 61000
5590 DualNode Encore Series 61000
8010/8020 Encore Series 61000
8800 Power Profiler Encore Series 61000
Dran-Logger Encore Series 61000
9010/9020 Encore Series 61000
5500 Series InfoNode Encore Series Software
5500 Series DataNode Encore Series 61000
PASS Encore Series Software
PES 1.4.6 Encore Series Software
130 PQSentry Metrahit Energy
100G/S PowerVisa Metrahit Energy
355 Harmonic Analyzer Metrahit Energy
DranEST III+ Metriso 5000D-PI
DranTech ISO MetraHit ISO
DranTech Outdoor MetraHit Outdoor
DranTech PMIT MetraHit 27AS
DranTech ULTRA MetraHit 30M
DranTech XTRA/PRO MetraHit XTRA
PowerLogger 10 MetraHit 30M