March 23, 2017

Dear Encore Series System Customers,

Encore Series Software (ESS) makes extensive use of the Java Plug-In for generating graphic images and manipulating setup information. Oracle, Java’s manufacturer,Encore Series Permanent Power Quality has announced that it will be ending development of the Java Plug-In for Web browsers with the introduction of Java 9. This is currently scheduled for mid-2017. In addition, the latest generation web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge no longer support the plug-in architecture that is required to use the Java Plug-In. Consequently, it is not possible to use ESS with the latest generation of web browsers.

We have been evaluating several solutions to this issue, and have determined that the best solution is to migrate customers to a new software platform that is already in development. The new software platform will include a new, modern web enabled environment that has similar capabilities as ESS, but is not Java based. It will also offer many enhancements, including a modern look and feel, as well as a responsive web design for use on all platforms, including mobile devices.

There is no action required on your part at this time! Our purpose is to inform you that we have been well aware of the upcoming changes to the Java Plug-In environment, and we have plans in place to make the transition to a new and improved software solution as smooth as possible for our customers. During this transition period, you will be able to keep using the existing ESS, as long as you use the current versions of Web Browsers and the Java Plug-In.

You will hear more from us about our roll out plans in the coming months, but please feel free to contact our Technical Support group with any questions at +1-732-287-3680.

Dranetz Technologies, Inc.