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Dranetz Product FAQ’s

Dranetz Product FAQ’s

If you have a technical question about a Dranetz instrument or software, take a few moments to read over our collection of commonly asked technical questions and help tips. You might find what you’re looking for without even contacting our support staff. Of course, we’re always happy to help if you need personal attention!


Are there any do's and don'ts while using my PX5/4400 unit?
Can I use any Compact Flash cards in my unit?
Why did my memory card fill up so fast?


How do I get PES to show data from 1999, 2000, or later?

General Product Information

How do I get my PCMCIA port to read my SRAM Memory Card in Win95/98?
What PCMCIA SRAM memory cards does Dranetz recommend for the PP1/4300 series of monitors?
How do I read my SRAM memory card in my PC?
How do I read my SRAM memory card in my PC?
After I format my 4MB Memory Card, why do I see only about 96K of free space?

Dran-View Operation

In Dran-View, how do I get rid of a really big Dranetz logo?
IT changed my operating system and now my DranView 5 does not work?
How do I access Dran-View Hints?


I can connect to my 7100 PQNode from my laptop computer, but it disconnects when I try to download data. Why?


How do I do the factory reset on my 658?


What is the Scale Factor for Lemflex current probes?
How do I do the factory default reset?
Is there a PQLite Quick Start?
What do all the parameters and descriptions mean?
How do I download data via the optical serial port?

General Questions About Encore Series System

What is Encore Series System?
How many modules can I have with the Encore Series model 61000?
Can I upgrade the Encore model 61000 after purchase to add more modules?
What is IEC 61000-4-30? Why is it so important?
What are Anti-Aliasing filters and why are they optional?

What microprocessor is used in Encore Series?
How is memory managed in the Encore 61000?
Is Encore Series compatible with pre-existing Dranetz products?
Can temperature monitoring be incorporated into the System?
Can Encore Series Software and DranView reside on the same computer?
What installation, training and commissioning services are available?
Can Encore Series operate on DC Voltage?
Can the Encore Series model 61000 measure DC?
How do I prevent unwanted users from accessing Encore Series data?
How many instruments can I use with Encore Series Software?
When should I consider using PQView or DranView Enterprise software?
What is NodeLink?

Answer Modules

How does the Radial Fault Answer module work? Any reference materials on how we are approaching this.

Encore Communications

What types of communications are available with Encore Series?What types of communications are available with Encore Series?
When using GSM communications do I need a GSM modem at both the instrument and PC locations?
What type of network can I use with the Encore Series? 10BaseT, 10Base2, Fiber?
There is typically one phone line into a substation. How can I share this single phone line with multiple Encore Series instruments?
What is the maximum distance from an Encore Series instrument to the computer running Encore Series Software?
Can the Encore Series automatically tell me when a disturbance or other important event occurs?
Can the Encore Series automatically tell me when a disturbance or other important event occurs?
I need to share information with my co-workers and consultants. How can I do this?
What is the polling rate for Encore Series Software?
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