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Power Quality Seminars

Dranetz Power Quality Seminars
Dranetz Power Quality Seminars

Power, Energy & Power Quality Educational Seminars

Dranetz provides free educational seminars in select cities in North and South America throughout the year. Many of these seminars are offered at no cost; while our more advanced seminars are only $495.00 for two days of training.


General Power Quality Seminars Agenda 

Introduction to Monitoring
What are we measuring?
Transducer considerations
Introduction to Power

  • Energy and Demand, Power Factor, Real-Apparent-Reactive Power
  • Typical Utility Billing Practices
  • Case study — determining energy costs

Beyond Energy and Demand and Into Improving Reliability

  • Introduction to Power Quality
  • Impact on Business Productivity, Maintenance and Operating Costs
  • Identify typical Power Quality Events (overview of sags, transients, harmonics, etc.)
  • Q & A — Your application questions

Dranetz also offers customized education group seminars at per diem rates. Your custom seminar can take place at your location if you have a classroom setting, or we can arrange local budget-conscious accommodations for your convenience, and Dranetz maintains a professional classroom setting for up to 30 people at our headquarters in Edison NJ, USA. Contact Dranetz directly for more information about customized seminar topics to suit your group’s needs.

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