SmartCollect Software

NEW Data Management – For use with: AM1000, AM2000, AM3000, PQ3K, PQ5K

From sister company Camille Bauer, SMARTCOLLECT is data management software for easy data acquisition and analysis for energy management. SMARTCOLLECT acquires, stores, visualizes, and automatically reports all relevant consumption data for power, water, gas or heat. A modern graphic user interface permits intuitive and easy operation, even with numerous measuring points. The modular design allows the functionality and measuring points to be easily expanded at any time.

SMARTCOLLECT acquires measured data from a variety of Dranetz, Camille Bauer, Gossen Metrawatt and other manufacturers devices, and stores them in an open SQL database. The software offers basic functionality for data analysis and easy energy monitoring. Acquired data may be combined in reports, stored or automatically forwarded. Reporting and visualization is available for power quality data, including an EN50160 report. The SCADA module provides a comprehensive graphical visualization of plants, processes and other environments.