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Electrotek PQ Training

PQ Training

Since the concept of PQ was realized over 30 years ago, the need for effective PQ training has exploded. Utilities were the first engineers to request and benefit from PQ training. Cutting-edge research, development and testing by Electrotek initiated the need for training for equipment designers. Given that the cause of PQ problems touches every facet of electrical system and equipment design including testing, installation and maintenance, each personnel class—engineers, technicians, electricians, facility managers/operators any many others can benefit from PQ training customized to their area of expertise. Electrotek maintains an extensive library of PQ training materials and can provide face-to-face off- or on-site training or digital e-Learning training on all-topics PQ. Topics include disturbances (including harmonics), monitoring, modeling and simulation, testing, standards development, facility investigations, forensics, power conditioning, electrotechnology assessments, etc.