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Electrotek End-Use Circuit Modeling and Simulation

End-Use Circuit Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and simulation of electrical and electronic equipment allows engineers to understand circuit performance before equipment and circuits are manufactured. This process is very valuable to the design engineer to ensure expected performance under normal and abnormal conditions. Design engineers overlook the critical aspect of poor PQ and how it impacts circuit performance with respect to function and reliability. Poor PQ can also impact energy efficiency which is vital to the success of products designed for enhanced energy performance. Electrotek extends this necessity for predicting circuit performance and behavior to develop an understanding of how equipment and circuits behave in real-world electrical environments. Electrotek PQ engineers use modern software tools (e.g., PSpice, Simulink, etc.) combined with Electrotek PQ software tools to understand how PQ disturbances impact the performance of electronic circuits as a disturbance propagates through a circuit. Our engineers also identify the need for embedded circuit protection internal to a design in addition to understanding front-end protection for PQ surge-related disturbances. Applying this process, equipment manufacturers are able to shore up their designs when poor PQ occurs at the circuit’s power source as well as at data input and output connections.