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Electrotek EMC Training

EMC Training

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in our global technology community captures all electrical and electromagnetic phenomena from DC to daylight. The concept of EMC has vastly expanded in the past 30 years around the globe to include DC phenomena, PQ phenomena (power line frequency to MHz frequencies) and electromagnetic interference (overlapping PQ: a few kHz to a few GHz). The relationship between PQ and EMC phenomena continues to interleave as electrical and electronic technologies grow more complex with the changing electrical grid. Utilities and manufacturers involved in electrical and electronic product design and manufacturing must possess a keen knowledge of EMC and how it affects the sustainability of their product lines as well as ensuring expected performance in customer environments where wireless communications and the use of electronic equipment is continuing to rise. Electrotek PQ engineers are very knowledgeable with respect to EMC (and PQ) standards and their test procedures and requirements.