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Electrotek Electromagnetic Interference Investigations

Electromagnetic Interference Investigations

With the growing number of wireless devices and the development of electronic equipment, the electromagnetic environment continues to become more energetic and complex with an increasing need for Electromagnetic Interference Investigations. EMI problems occur from DC to several gigahertz. With PQ phenomena overlapping with EMI problem frequency areas, utilities and customers must also be concerned with interference phenomena above the 50th harmonic (3 kHz). PQ-related EMI problems not occur at frequencies greater than 150 kHz but are becoming more of a problem from 1 kHz to 150 kHz. Non-linear loads including variable frequency drivers and switching power supplies utilize these frequencies to convert AC to DC energy and vice versa. Distributed generation technologies using inverters of all power ratings also convert energy within this frequency range. Electrotek PQ engineers are also trained in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and utilize a proven approach to characterize radiated and conducted emissions to identify and locate sources of EMI problems.